The Wall Mounted Bicycle Frame Holder

The wall mounted bicycle frame holder is both beautiful and functional. It holds a cherished frame in place by tension on the outer edges of the bottom bracket faces. It is sleek looking and discrete, designed to take nothing away from the beauty of the frame it supports.

This is a great gift for the cyclist that has a beloved bicycle frame that they are no longer riding but wish to keep and continue to cherish.

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Thank you.


2014 rambler

I built this with my 2014 riding goals in mind which was to tackle a few doubles and maybe a triple. I contacted Joel from Clockwork bikes for the fork and rack and Swift Industries for a beauty handlebar bag. Just dropped off at the painters!

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Fillet single speed

This beauty is a personal project – front end is track geo friendly but I wanted a more forgiving rear end for road use too – added a brake bridge with brake hole and cable stops for practicality down the road. Also continued to refine my fillet finishing for some really good results!


Lugged Road Single Speed – DONE!

This was actually finished up a couple months ago – Ray has since painted it but it has yet to see action. Llewellyn lugs are a dream to work with!

This is the first bike I’ve done with Reynolds tubing. I hope to take it out for a spin if Ray lets me!

Frame Holder in action

From a happy client:

Tim, got the Land Shark back from touch-up and hung it on the wall at my office. It looks great with your wall mount. Everyone in the office love that the mount doesn’t take away from the bike.


Gravel Road Bike Painted

Wow – so stealth! Thanks again to toxik design for the smooth paint. The matte looks so purposeful. Brett is going to be STOKED

Full set here

Lugged Road Single Speed

This is my second lugged bike – and I must say lugs are growing on me. I have refined my technique and had some nice silver pull and clean shorelines for minimal clean up. I’m really liking the styling of the Llewellyn Custodian lugs.

Next bike I will try some sax max


Gravel Road bike

This type of versatile road bike has become popular for good reason – road positioning, room for tires to take you off pavement.. basically you’re able to get less serious and up the fun factor with a bike like this. Rambling around on back country trails to your hearts content.

This should build up very nicely into a nimble and capable fun machine.

I also started a slightly different fillet finishing technique that incorporates the use of a carbide burr for shaping and a different abrasive cloth technique. I had my best ‘blending’ of the finished fillet into the tube with this one. I’m hoping that the results show after paint goes on.

Regarding the details – fully fillet brazed Columbus with a mix of Zona (stays) and Life (main tubes). The main triangle is comprised of three large and thin walled 35mm Life tubes. The large TT is to resist twist on the rough stuff.

Skinny Road ISS Painted

Picked up bike from painter last night. Will need a few weeks for the wheels to arrive and to properly build but it looks just beautiful. Many thanks to my excellent painter Toxik Harald

Skinny Road ISS

ISS = Isolated Seat Stay. This is a dedicated new isolated seat stay build. A previous prototype, where I had hacked out and moved the brake bridge, was taken on a double century with really excellent results. Did wonders for smoothing out the road. This is my long term tester of the concept. I’ve always been fascinated about dampening (e.g. the Isolated Seat Tube) and this is my take on passive suspension in road bikes. The results have been very promising for a rider of my weight (160lbs) and riding style (not a masher) and event type (doubles) and bike preferences (supple, lively – not kidney pounding). You want some give for traction but not too much to rob feel completely. I think the flex can be tuned to rider preferences by shortening the length of the stays or adding back a bridge but higher up the seat stays to effectively shorten the stays for less of the suspension effect… possibly for bigger burly riders? or thicker stays for riders over 160lbs? Anyway just some design fun and road bike suspension ramblings

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Fillet Step Through 650b – DONE!

Bike is done! Currently in SS mode until I procure some gears. Bike was delivered just in time for an pre xmas ride to Granville island with kids in the box bike.